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I'm going to be a mom 07-03-08 08:10
Yep, I am pregnant. Took 3 at home pregnancy tests. All came back positive. Then I went to the doctors a few days ago and they did a test and yeah, i'm pregnant. So I have an appointment on the 11th to take this class since it's my first time being pregnant. It'll tell me what to expect and stuff. Then after I get to choose my doctor, "ob" as they call it. If it's a girl we're going to name her Faith Aubrey Solberg and if it's a boy, we're going to name him Ethan Paul Solberg.

FIRE 06-15-08 15:26
My car caught fire on Thursday, June 12th, Paul's 21st Birthday. Nice way to spend it, eh?

So the one and only thing that was all mine is now in a junkyard :'(

Now all I have to my name is, half of the apartment, my clothes, my shoes, my movies, and my books.

Again? 06-06-08 07:49
Got a kidney infection, again.

It's just so much fun, ha not.

Anyways, other than that i've been good.

Tired, but good.

Really wanna a different job though.

I Did It!!! 05-24-08 08:10
I'm an official Omaha North High Viking Alumni. Woo.

Yesturday was a really crappy day. The sun couldn't even come out, so that's probably why. Oh well. As the night progressed, my mood got better.

And i'm done with high school, thank god.

Next stop, college.

Wish me luck.

05-16-08 09:17
We Will Never Say Bye 05-12-08 14:22
Haha, damn it's definately been awhile. Lots of things have happend. Like Paul getting pulled over and a ticket, with 3 charges. No insurance, suspended liscense, and "speeding." The cop gave him a court date with the possibility of him going to jail. So he ended up moving in with me at my parents house, kind of. That way he can walk to work type thing if he had to, since I was still in school. Then his grandma died a few weeks ago. A week after that, my aunt died. Then a few days after that, my god child was born. Then a week or so later, I get a kidney infection and miss 3 of the 5 days of school I had left. Plus I missed work. So that was fun. I just ended up taking a two week leave of absence because I'm trying to get over the kidney infection and trying to make up 3 days of missed work in one day so I can graduate on time. Paul ended up not going to jail, just got a fine (thank god). So even more money to pay, but thats better than him being in jail. My grandpa went into the hospital last week to with nemonia(sp?). At his age, it's not getting better. He did get out of the hospital yesturday though. He just has to have the oxygen thing at all times. Which he told me he doesn't like. My graduation party is this saturday. And for some odd reason, i'm extremely exhausted. It's just been a crazy month. Trying to stay on the bright side, doesn't always work.

I was suppose to stay after school today to make up a test or w/e but the teacher never showed up. Pisses me off because I get out at 1:12. (early out). I waited up there until 3. School gets out at 2:50. So yeah. Now that means, I get to go tomorrow, yay fun. Heh, not. I'm just gonna go up to school the time of my class and take my test and the final and then leave. They don't like it, they can bite me.

To Do List 03-17-08 11:30
- Get better grades
- Cut down (eventually quit) smoking
- Eat healthier
- Excercise more
- Graduate high school
- New car
- New Job
- Move out
Guess what?

I have a boyfriend.

His name is Paul and he's 20 (gonna be 21 in june).

Really cute.

I like him alot and i'm really happy right now.

<3 woo lol
I Might As Well Have 02-27-08 12:27
My sister is 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Wooo. My neice or nephew shall be here on October 2nd, 2008, *thats the due date anyway*

My grandma and her stupid husband left yesturday morning. I slept at home last night because after work my head was killing me and I just wanted to sleep.

I need to go back to my aunt's house and get all my shit. My phone is going dead because I couldn't charge it, cause my charger is over there lol.

But before I do that, I have to do my photography assignment. Roo is one her way over because I'm gonna use her as a model. Woo hoo lmao.

Then I think after all that, I'll get my room back to the way it was and probably take a nyquill and pass the fuck out. I need my sleep.

Oh and I told my mom I smoked cigarettes. And i'm still alive! Lmao. No she just got a disappointed look in her face. Oh well. I told her i'm like mom, i'm 18, there's nothing you can really do. I feel so free right now lol.
So i went to Metro. I have to take the placement test on the 4th. Yay fun, right? Heh, not really. Oh well. Then on the 7th i'm gonna hopefully fill out the FASA form thingy for financial aide. Wooo. But by then it'll probably be too late to sign up for spring classes but I do believe I can sign up for summer classes. Which I don't really mind. The sooner I get it done, the better. It's not like its gonna be that horrible taking summer classes. I'll still have free time because I'm only gonna be a part time student.

Oh and I swear I almost quit last week. Ugh i fucking hate Taco Bell so much. Oh well. But since I don't have another job lined up yet nor can i take a leave of abscence because either way i'll have no source of income, i decided to take out the busiest night of the week which is Friday night. Last night was the last friday night I worked until further notice. I'm so tired of that place. Today I did everything. It sucked. I'm so exhausted. Oh well. Just glad I worked day shift, not the night shift. Night shifts on weekends just suck balls.

My grandma and her husband are suppose to leave tuesday or wednesday. Lets hope. I want my room back. Don't get me wrong, I love it at my aunts house...but sleeping on the couch in the living gives barely any privacy. Also, I miss my bed.

Nothing else really to talk about. Um no new guys. Bummer, I know. Whatever. I do like a guy right now but hes going like no where in he doesn't have a job, he has a car but doesn't have his liscense... so for me to try and start a relationship with him, would be a very very very bad idea.

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